Mobile Friendly Design

Milwaukee Area Mobile-Friendly Website Designer

TreeFlame designs mobile-friendly websites that allow visitors to view your content the way it is supposed to be seen. Have you ever been to a site on a mobile phone that look like it was the size of a postage stamp? It’s not very convenient when you have to pinch and zoom every page in order to read the text. Because mobile device usage is almost starting to surpass desktop and laptop usage for website browsing for many industry and markets, the web designers at TreeFlame ensure your website is created to be mobile-friendly.

Mobile-Friendly Videos and Graphics on Your Website

Our web designers can place images on your website in such a way that they will look good on any browser size or any browser type. The sites we build may have embed videos that play when a new visitor reaches a particular landing page built just for visitors who are surfing from their mobile devices. TreeFlame is also able to integrate targeted keywords into a photograph's description (Alt Tags) in order to improve the image's rankings in the search results.

Forms Designed to Be Mobile-Friendly

We can create forms that let visitors provide contact information easily from a small device, such as an iPhone or tablet. Other forms types can include the ability to request a free price estimate, ask a question or suggest an improvement. TreeFlame can also install a system that could allow guests to chat with an expert directly on the website, through a mobile-friendly interface, which could tremendously boost the user’s experience on your website.

Mobile-Friendly Website Search Engine Optimization

TreeFlame creates high-quality website code that is optimized for mobile phones. The technique we use is called “Responsive Design”. The search engine algorithms recognize that the website content and layout is able to scale and flex to fit any device. In turn, this allows our client’s website to appear higher in the search engine results than non-mobile-friendly website because the search engines know it will provide a better user experience.

A Blog that Works Well On a Mobile Device

You might want to allow visitors to post comments on articles that you write on your website. A blog should be easy to post comments to – no matter where your website visits are. The way TreeFlame designs mobile-friendly, responsive websites for our clients allows them to keep in touch with the latest news in the way they want to and to interact with your website when it’s convenient for them.

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