Secure Website Hosting & Intrusion Prevention

Secure Website Hosting In Milwaukee

Slow websites rank poorly in search engines like Google and have high bounce rates. Thus, fast websites convert more leads and generate more revenue than slow ones. At TreeFlame, we focus on fast-loading website without compromising security.

White glove service

We believe that businesses in Milwaukee and around the country do better when they focus on running their business instead of how to maintain and manage their website. That’s why we built a white-glove website hosting service with just this in mind.

We manage it all — from hosting files and databases to updating your web-based applications to managing domains and email accounts — so you can focus on your business and your clients.

Speed and reliability anywhere on the planet

Have you ever tried loading your website when your on vacation or have poor cellular reception on your phone? Most web hosts in Milwaukee are optimized for local website traffic.

TreeFlame is different.

We know that someone with slow internet or someone overseas could be your next big client so we’ve built our hosting platform to be fast and reliable anywhere.

Our worldwide network of servers means that no matter where a person is, your website loads before they have a chance to head back to their search results and visit one of your competitors websites.

We also know that Google is everywhere and they know how fast your site loads in different countries. So don’t let a slow overseas connection lead to a penalty in your rankings with search engines.

Intrusion prevention and offsite backups

Your reputation with both customers and search engines is one of the most important assets of your website. And nothing will harm that reputation faster than a hacked or defaced website.

Our web hosting platform is built to withstand all manners of of automated/casual attacks that are commonplace on the internet and will even protect against many targeted attacks.

No online system is 100% secure, so we backup your website and applications nightly to multiple offsite locations to maximize data recovery in the event of a major attack or catastrophic event.

Secure data transfer baked right in

Search engines like Google and Bing are pushing to make all websites more secure by sending and receiving data over “SSL”.

Websites using SSL start with “https” (as opposed to “http”) and all our sites include SSL at no extra charge.

Choosing a secure web host

Before you choose a web host, be sure to ask wether or not your provider has the in-house expertise to manage their own solution or if they are simply reselling low-cost, insecure services from GoDaddy and other mass-market vendors.

Be sure to also ask how much they charge annually for an “SSL certificate”.

Avoid any resold services and expensive SSL certificates and try Milwaukee’s fastest and most-secure web hosting services here at TreeFlame.

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