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User Experience Designer in Milwaukee

You want your website to give you maximum performance, generating more business while positively reinforcing your brand. A website doesn't need to dazzle; it needs to interact. That's because your website should never be cumbersome or frustrating to users. As user experience experts in Milwaukee, TreeFlame recognizes that your company uses the Web for different purposes than you might have ten years ago. Your website is not just a static tool with organized facts for consumers surfing the Web on their desktops anymore. Sure, your prospects and customers might use their desktop computers to view your website, but now, these types of site visitors make up only a portion of your overall market. Most consumers waste little time reading web pages these days many prefer to consume brand information on mobile devices.

Thinking Mobile

UX design satisfies user needs through artful arrangement of features that may interact with your company's website. Digital consumers are hard-pressed for time and confronted with too much digital noise. In their confusion with ads from so many companies, they still want to make rapid, yet informed decisions. For example, they want to read content on a mobile website with limited features and/or receive push notifications on a Smartphone or tablet app. We work differently based on this fundamental shift in how people consume information. Now, we handle broader issues related to your company's role in digital media.

Managing Information Across Channels

User experience design in Milwaukee is not just about designing attractive websites with well-arranged content. We manage your company's brand information seamlessly across multiple channels of digital media. We ensure websites interact adequately with different kinds of social media, APIs, mobile apps, search engines, and location features. Your company may not have an app, but your site might need to interact with popular apps, such as UrbanSpoon or Yelp for restaurants. External site and mobile apps help consumers find your business.

Ensuring Interactivity With Social Media

A website must have interactivity with Facebook and other popular social media networks. This is because consumers make decisions based on trends of people they know. A schoolteacher is often likely to buy a product because his friends liked it on Facebook or shared an educator's discount coupon. Businesses must time their promotions to be visible when teachers need them, especially on Facebook.

Attracting Business Through Location

TreeFlame ensures your website has adequate geomapping and location services. These help a consumer receive customized content automatically based on their location and perform simple tasks, such as getting directions to your physical location. When a consumer drives within a certain radius of your location, you want to send them updates about your business, perhaps deals related to the weather or the local event calendar.

Working from User Analytics

TreeFlame designs websites to automatically operate based on user characteristics. This includes building user analytics, such as tracking and analyzing information users submit to your website, mobile site, and apps, into your administrative dashboard. Consumers want to request and receive information and complete transactions, such as scheduling an appointment or placing an order.

Getting Started

Let our Milwaukee user experience designers help you take your business web and mobile sites to the next level by overhauling them. We bring all of the latest trends in user experience design to work for you. Your website may have many features discussed above already, such as interactivity with Facebook and location services. You may give users customized content through push notifications and the like. Are these features strategically managed and well-integrated with your company's marketing plan?

Hiring TreeFlame

Before you decide to rely solely on a site template and content updates from external sources of information, consider taking control of your digital presence. Manage and improve your brand in the digital world though our expert UX design services.

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